Lighting Controls Association’s Spring 2021 Product Guide

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May 25, 2021

The Lighting Controls Association is proud to announce the latest offerings in lighting controls from industry-leading manufacturers. Check them out!

Featured manufacturers:

Acuity Brands
Eaton Corporation
GE Current
Hubbell Control Solutions
Leviton Manufacturing Co.
Lutron Electronics
McWong International
OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems




nLight® Autonomous Bridging Technology (ABT).


1Acuity nLight AIR


Autonomous Bridging Technology is a new architecture that allows wireless controls to be delivered with complete confidence. Wireless messages repeat around obstructions using nearby devices while achieving low latency due to a low-frequency star network topology. This technology features autonomous setup and operation allowing devices to self-initialize without any additional programming and self-improve over time, eliminating waste. It is available as a free firmware update to existing nLight AIR hardware, reducing the need to add more devices.

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SensorSwitch™ JOT




SensorSwitch™ JOT (Just One Touch) is a single room wireless lighting control solution with a one-of-a-kind technology. Achieve code compliance while simplifying the installation and pairing of enabled fixtures and controls. The JOT solution eliminates 0-10V dimming wires and with a single-button push (or mobile app) pairs controls with fixtures, allowing for a lightning fast installation. Every product is integrated with a Bluetooth® radio to wirelessly enable switching, dimming, occupancy control and daylight harvesting of a single room. A broad selection of JOT enabled fixtures are available across many indoor new construction or renovation projects.

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Wi-Fi smart voice dimmer with Alexa Built-in



Eaton’s broad selection of Wi-Fi smart devices offer reliability with unbeatable ease of setup. Every device sets up quickly and easily with the Amazon Alexa App- no hubs or controllers are necessary. Just ask Alexa to turn your lights ON/OFF, set timers, make announcements, and brighten/ dim lights with Alexa Built-in.

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Area, Flood/High-bay, Linear High-bay, and Surface Canopy Luminaires Featuring Z-10 Interface

eiko 1534


The Z10 Alliance introduces the Z10 Interface aimed at simplifying the sensing and communication needs of outdoor/industrial luminaires utilizing analog control methods (0-10V). Using a standard mechanical fit, it outlines the power requirements and pin assignments to bring advanced connectivity to market today. The Z10 Alliance, an affiliation of component, control, and luminaire manufacturers, along with distribution partners, coalesced to accelerate the adoption of advanced controls by leveraging widespread and readily available components. The Z10 Interface ensures plug-and-play compatibility, future-proofing luminaires by providing a ready upgrade path and simplifying the installation requirements for various sensor and control modules.

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Albeo ABV3 and Daintree WHS20 High Bay Lighting with Daintree Wireless Controls


ge Albeo ABV3 and Daintree Wireless Controls


Albeo® ABV3 luminaires can be ordered with an integrated Daintree Wireless WHS20 sensor for a range of energy-saving functions that can reduce lighting costs up to 70%. Illumination levels can be automatically managed based on occupancy or daylight contributions with smooth 0-10V dimming for improved occupant comfort and productivity. Commission the devices with the WHR1 for stand-alone control with Daintree ONE, zone fixtures with our Daintree EZ Connect, app-based platform or upgrade to advanced Daintree Networked. The Daintree Wireless Controls enables control of one fixture or entire buildings on one expandable platform.

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Daintree Controls Software (DCS)


ge DCS Software Sheet iStock 161703628 030321


Daintree Controls Software is an intuitive, data rich software platform that allows easy scheduling and energy monitoring of building networks. As part of the powerful Daintree Networked wireless controls platform it enables the management of indoor, outdoor and industrial areas of a single unit, or entire portfolio of buildings from one easy-to-interpret interface for data visualization. Maximize energy efficiency and transform your business into an intelligent environment. Enter the IoT world with an enterprise level Web API for custom app development to provide unique user experiences and make your space more productive.

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NX Distributed Intelligence™ FX Room Controller (NXRCFX)




The FX Room Controller (NXRCFX) provides automatic and manual lighting control with the simplicity of plug-in installation and autoconfiguration. Devices such as digital wall stations, occupancy/vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors are simply plugged into the FX Room Controller and auto-configure to default operations. All device communication is over standard Cat5 cables which simplifies installation and eliminates wiring errors.

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NX Distributed Intelligence™ Lighting Control Panel – NXP2 Series


HCS NXP2SeriesPanel


The NX Lighting Control Panel (NXP2 Series) is a robust and reliable panel that can operate standalone or as a NX networked device. The NX Panel meets all applicable code and energy requirements, is fully scalable, easy to install, and easy to program and control using the controlHUBB app. The NX Panel features industry recognized, robust, mechanically latching relays and 0-10V dimming channels that can be controlled individually or in groups by any local input, system input, schedule, preset, or Building Automation System.

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Bluetooth® Sensor Modules (BTSMP Series)


HCS BluetoothSensorModules


The Bluetooth Sensor Module (BTSMP Series) are low voltage sensors specifically designed to provide 0-10V dimming control with remote “from the ground” programming using the controlHUBB app. Available in high and low mount versions, the new Bluetooth sensors feature single and dual motion sensor timers where the dimming level can be set for each timer. The dual timer mode provides the ability to set two different levels after the space has become unoccupied. This mode is perfect for applications where the area needs to be dimmed for a specific time period before turning all the way off.

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ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System


intermatic ARISTA Cluster


Take the hassle out of commercial lighting installations with the contractor-focused ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System from Intermatic. The customizable smart solution combines a suite of smart controllers and sensors with an intuitive mobile app to create dynamic lighting control environments that improve energy efficiency and promote occupant comfort. ARISTA’s simple workflows empower installers of all technology backgrounds to integrate impressive, code-compliant lighting control in a wide range of indoor applications.

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GreenMAX® DRC Wireless


lev GreenMAX DRC Wireless Family 5000xx2500 300PPI


Confidently design and specify a secure, simple, and scalable wireless distributed lighting control system with GreenMAX® DRC Wireless. Control virtually any type of commercial lighting from 0-10V to DMX and DALI with one wireless system.

GreenMAX DRC Wireless uses wireless mesh networking for communication between devices for configuration and backbone connectivity. Add additional Leviton wireless devices and Intellect™-enabled fixtures into the GreenMAX DRC system. Add wireless multi-zone control to any ON/OFF, 0-10V dimming or phase cut dimming device or individual wireless fixture control with occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities. All fully configurable from the GreenMAX DRC App.

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Smart Wallbox Sensors


lev Smart Wallbox Sensor ODD10 ODS15 wAPP 2500x2500 300PPI REV


Elevate your sensing control options with Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors. Smart Wallbox Sensors empower facility managers to create more efficient spaces and enhance the experience for occupants. Combine occupancy/vacancy sensing with 0-10V dimming or ON/OFF switching to provide a simple solution for easy energy savings, local control and code compliance. With easy programming and configuration, features include an out-of-the-box default mode for auto-ON/auto-OFF operation with a 10-minute timeout as well as convenient pushbutton programming for common room settings. The Smart Sensor App can configure and enable additional features like sensor sensitivity, timeouts, daylighting, hold-OFF, partial-ON, partial-OFF and more.

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Athena Dynamic Lighting System – Beautiful Light Made Simple


Lu Athena Lighting Designer App Lutron


Athena is a simple, flexible, all-in-one lighting and shading solution featuring app-based setup and control that allows designers to turn original ideas into experiential spaces. Realize your lighting vision by combining Ketra – the world’s most advanced lighting technology – and any other light fixture in one system to control all lights from a single hub eliminating guesswork and compatibility concerns. Customize lighting designs with warm dimming, tunable white, and a full spectrum of saturated colors. The simple-to-use IOS app offers convenient, real-time programming. The wireless, digital nature of Athena easily accommodates design and space changes over time.

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Vive PowPak Phase Select Dimming Modules


Lu Vive PowPak Phase Select Straight Lutron


NEW Vive PowPak Phase Select dimming modules offer a remote-mountable dimming option that can easily adapt to forward- or reverse-phase dimming needs – just one product for multiple applications. The module is phase selectable, and configurable on the device or through the convenient Lutron app. PowPak Phase Select modules feature Lutron PRO LED+ technology to dim smoothly down to 1%, eliminate risk and worry when designing fixture controls, and easily deliver code-compliant solutions. Ideal for applications such as restaurants, lobby spaces, conference rooms, lecture halls, and more, the Vive product family is now even more complete and versatile.

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Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug


Lu Caseta Outdoor Plug Lutron


The Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug offers control of plugged-in lights, small motors, and more. It is IP-65 rated, with best-in-class, solid core construction to protect the device’s inner electronics. The outdoor smart plug can withstand severe weather and is built to last, season-after-season. Ideal for smart control of landscape, string and holiday lighting, inflatables, and some motors and pumps, the plug gives homeowners convenient control of their exterior lights via the free Lutron app. For example, set patio string lights to turn ON 15 minutes before sunset, adding a touch of magic to the perfect summer evening.

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TruBlu™ 4-button switch scene controller


M TruBlu 4 button switch scene controller


This new 4-button scene controller switch joins McWong’s award-winning TruBlu™ Bluetooth® mesh control platform. SIG-qualified, it is compatible with any other SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh control system. The switch offers ON/OFF, dimming, scenes and color tuning controls. It can replace any standard single-pole wall switch. Users can configure each switch button for application-specific functionality in the field. Typical applications include public restrooms, private offices, classrooms, conference rooms, storage spaces, and break rooms.

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TruBlu™ Dimming High Bay Occupancy Sensor


M TruBlu Dimming High Bay Occupancy Sensor


McWong’s new line voltage high bay occupancy sensor offers passive infrared (PIR) detection for both low bay and high bay applications. SIG-qualified, it is compatible with any other SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh control system. The sensor can be mounted at heights up to 40 ft (12.2 m) by fixture or ceiling mount, and offers continuous bi-level dimming, high end trim, and integrated photocell control. Part of the award-winning TruBlu Bluetooth mesh control platform, the sensor is DLC-certified.

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TruBlu™ Wireless Fixture Controller


M TruBlu Wireless Fixture Controller


These new controllers offer indoor or outdoor ON/OFF, photocell, dimming, scene and color tuning control as part of McWong’s TruBlu™ SIG-qualified Bluetooth® mesh control platform. With the addition of an optional TruBlu Gateway, the controllers can also provide energy monitoring and scheduled control. IP65 rated, the controllers feature Zhaga Book 18 compliant connectors for compatibility with a wide range of fixture choices. They are DLC-certified for indoor applications.

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Encelium X builds on our 20-year success and provides a complete light management system including intuitive software and a wide range of networked system devices, from advanced sensors to easy-to-use keypads.  With Encelium X, the user Experience just gets easier, faster, and smarter.  All while retaining the core simplicity and flexibility of wired and wireless devices and luminaire-agnostic design.  Control, comfort, and convenience is taken even further with features such as a graphical floorplan view on mobile devices, information at a glance with system reporting and asset tracking/space utilization which deliver value well beyond lighting.

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Wireless Dual Tech. Battery Powered Sensor




This compact sensor has solved the ultra-low power challenge of integrating dual occupancy detection technologies (PIR and acoustic) into a wireless sensor with a single replaceable battery, all while maintaining a battery life of at least 5 years. Now wireless lighting controls can be applied in all the same applications as wired controls and with the same high level of performance in challenging spaces like bathrooms with stalls and open offices with cubes.

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Wireless “No Neutral” Wall Switch Load Controller




Wireless wall switch controllers and battery powered sensors are ideal for retrofit applications where versatility and wiring ease are valued by contractors. Engineered to use ultra-low current, this new controller is the market’s only wireless product that does not require a neutral connection or a minimum load to operate. This makes it ideal for all rooms, even small ones with wattage that is too low for the minimum load requirements of other wireless controllers. Additionally, this device is shallower than its peers, resulting in less crowded wall boxes and even more install convenience.

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Wattstopper DLM LMFS-601 Integrated Fixture Sensor & Controller


ws image LMFS 601 W Collar Split Angle


The LMFS-601 is a wireless fixture sensor and controller that is compatible with all Wattstopper Wireless DLM devices. The LMFS-601 includes a passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor and a closed loop photo sensor. It measures both motion and daylight contribution to automatically switch or dim lighting. The LMFS-601 is compatible with DALI drivers and, using the LMFI-111 fixture interface,  standard 0-10V drivers for dimming and ON/OFF control signaling. It also provides the ability to communicate to other DLM enabled fixtures in the space without any additional equipment.

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DLM Shades


wsDLM Shade Product Family


The future of natural lighting control is here. Leveraging Legrand’s Digital Lighting Management platform, the adaptable networked lighting control solution that’s simple and secure, our new DLM Shades are designed to work harmoniously with Wattstopper DLM lighting controls. With our integrated lighting and shading system, you can overcome the barriers of cost and complexity to Seize the Daylight on your next project.

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Wattstopper DLM LMEQ-41 LCD Touchscreen


ws LMEQ 41 Front Settings


The LMEQ-41 is an LCD capacitive touchscreen for the DLM system that helps customers meet code out of the box without programming, by adhering to Wattstopper’s Plug n’ Go™ (PnG) rules. The professional, predefined interface provides whole room, lighting, scene control, and tunable-white control through Equinox user interface widgets. Additionally, users and installers alike will appreciate the dynamic labeling that identifies a button and/or scene’s functionality with clear, user-defined text. The LMEQ-41 is ideal for office buildings (particularly open offices and executive suites), conference rooms, college classrooms, and healthcare spaces where layered, dimmable, and Blanco™ tunable white lighting is installed.

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