Jan 27, 2021

LDS Lumenpulse Bentall 400A leading urban trend is the creation of signature dynamic lighting designs for iconic downtown core high-rises. A major aspect of this trend is the use of dynamic crown lighting that can be programmed to be symbiotic with a city's civic pride, commemorating such events as celebrations, memorials, sporting events, and seasons. The downtown Vancouver core has recently embraced this "enlightening" trend using Lumenpulse luminaires to provide dynamic, colour-changing illumination within the crowns of one of their most storied groups of buildings, known as the Bentall Centre. 

Bentall One and Bentall Two of the Bentall Centre towers now have Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Horizontal luminaires grazing the arches of the crown openings on each building. Not since the temporary crown lighting installed during the Expo 86 celebrations have the high-rises of the core enjoyed such decorative artistry. The Lumenfacade luminaires with their precision 10° x 60° optics specifically target the sides and upper arch of each crown opening to create a border of light that can be programmed to colour change as per the programmer's wants. The overall effect is straight forward, yet highly impactful. The towers rise above their actual height in both the civic imagination and their visual prominence amongst all other neighbouring structures. They become a beacon for the city centre while boosting civic pride and the core's entire aesthetic. 

EIN Bentall2 850