Amerlux’s New Linear Lighting ‘Too Irresistible to Ignore’ for Architects

carisma by amerlux

February 23, 2023

 Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, has released a series of architectural linear luminaires that promises to preserve architects’ true design specifications in any project with its market-leading performance, quality and premium value.

Amerlux charisma lighting
Carisma in context

Carisma by Amerlux

The extruded-aluminum Carisma awes the competition by lighting up a space with its elegant edge-to-edge lens and industry-best linear performance, delivering maximum lumens per watt without glare. The LED linear family is available in 2″ and 3″ aperture sizes, and it can be specified to the nearest 1/8″ with various mounting options: surface, wall, recessed and pendant with direct and direct/indirect distribution. Each delivers seamless lines of light in continuous rows or patterns, making them a perfect match for any commercial, institutional or retail project.

carisma by amerlux
Carisma 2″ pendant
carisma by amerlux
Carisma 2″ pendant

“Just when we thought LED linear lighting couldn’t get any better, it did,” said Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s VP of Marketing. “Carisma was designed to protect architects’ true design intent regardless of application or scope, with quality engineering that surpasses the linear lighting competition in nearly every category—performance, aesthetics, quality and intrinsic premium value. Carisma is the complete package, one that architects will find too irresistible to ignore.”

Carisma’s installation process also is a thing of beauty—simple and virtually toolless installation, courtesy of Amerlux’s trademark catch-and-latch mechanism. The product offers high-performance, fully lit lensing with a hardware-free, snap-in slide-forward reflector that ensures easy maintenance and prevents light leakage between fixtures, which occurs when the lens shrinks and gaps form between the union of two fixtures. Carisma’s overlapping lens cap also prevents any light leak from the ends of the fixture.

Made entirely of extruded aluminum, Carisma consistently delivers a clean and dependable aesthetic with perfectly straight lines of lighting that never bend or stray. This product line also has a unique optical system incorporating high-performance, full-lit lens surface illumination and efficiency that exceeds all DesignLights Consortium’s (DLC) requirements.

Carisma offers varying color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K) as well as an 80+ CRI in all models except those with 2700K, where 90+ CRI is offered. Dimming options include 0-10V (120V/277V) 1% Dim.


ModelWattage per FootDelivered LumensLPWColour Temp.CRI
Carisma 2″
(Linear Direct/Indirect LED)
5/52519 (Direct)
2629 (Indirect)
3500 k80+
10/104755 (Direct)
4878 (Indirect)
3500 k80+
Carisma 2″
(Linear Direct LED)
52519126.83500 k80+
104755122.83500 k80+
Carisma 2″
(Recessed Linear LED)
52519126.83500 k80+
104755122.83500 k80+
Carisma 3″
(Recessed Linear LED)
52632129.53500 k80+
105253123.13500 k80+
Carisma Specs (Here)

For more information about Amerlux’s full array of award-winning lighting solutions, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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