The 2023 IALD International Lighting Design Awards

September 19, 2023

Now in its 40th year, the IALD International Lighting Design Awards is the longest-running award program that recognizes architectural lighting design excellence.

The 40th Annual IALD International Lighting Design Awards presentations was made possible by our title sponsor Acuity Brands, and broadcast globally on 13 September, 2023.

The full presentation is available for viewing on the IALD YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels at your leisure, or you can watch right here:

2023 IALD Award Winners

The IALD is pleased to announce the following projects as winners of award categories in this year’s selection. Congratulations to all our winning lighting design firms!

The 2023 IALD Radiance Award for Excellence in Lighting Design

The Church of Our Lady of Laeken

Brussels, Belgium

Fiorenzo Namèche, IALD
Guerric Hocepied, LIGHT-TO-LIGHT

Photography © Marc Detiffe

The 2023 IALD Awards of Excellence

550 Madison Avenue Lobby

New York, New York, USA

Martin van Koolbergen, IALD
Stacie Dinwiddy, CLD, IALD (formerly of KGM Architectural Lighting)
Stacey Bello
Dorothy Underwood, Assoc. IALD
KGM Architectural Lighting

Photography © James Ewing, Gensler

Central Library of Esfahan Municipality

Esfahan, Iran

Niloofar Behnia
Hossein Shahparifard
Masoud Heydari
Behin Lighting CompanyPhotography

© Negar Sedighi

Espenes Rest Stop

Sørfjorden, Hardanger, Norway

Paul Traynor
Arve Olsen
Christina Haraldseth
Benjamin Reinhoff
Øystein Johansen
Light Bureau

Photography © Fovea Studio

INC Boutique

Hangzhou, China

Ke Yang
Wei Liang
He Zhang
Bingxue Xia
YAANK Lighting Design

Photography © Ye Song;
© Hanmo Vision

Indoor Lighting for the Mausoleum of Theodoric

Ravenna, Italy

Lorenza Golinelli
Alberto Ricci Petitoni
I-DEA s.r.l.

Photography © Oscar Ferrari

New Perelada Winery

Girona, Spain

Maurici Ginés, IALD 
Víctor Vinyamata 
Núria Barat 
Alessandra Bertolini 
Fernando Rojo 
Asia Sierra 
Bernat Badia 
Mauro Vásquez 
Mariah Peláez 
Verónica Agnolutto 
Clara Massó 
Artec Studio

© Hisao Suzuki; © Pep Sau

Polish Army Soldiers’ Cemetery at Westerplatte 

Gdańsk, Poland 

Tomasz Klimek 
Maciej Nowak 
Aleksander Nowacki 
Mikołaj Szubert-Tecl 
Dariusz Piech 
Michał Podsiadły 
QLAB Laboratory of Light 

Photography © Piotr Krajewski; © Konrad Matulaniec 

Rochester Cathedral

Kent, United Kingdom

Ryan Slessenger
David Burch
John Hebberd
CES Lighting & Electrical Specialists

Photography © Nikhilesh Haval, 

Videography © David Ford, 
The Light Painters

 Suzanne and Water Scott Aquarium 

Omaha, Nebraska, USA 

Steve Gollehon 
Jeff Frank 
Alex Asay 
Morrissey Engineering 

Photography/Videography © Tom Kessler 

Zero-Energy Media Façade

Basel, Switzerland

Valentin Spiess 
Reto Weljatschek 
Michael Stucki 
Gesine Gennrich 
Erik Eggeling 
Ivo Schüssler 
Oliver Heyerick 

Photography © Laurids Jensen; © iart; © Michele De Lucchi + AMDL CIRCLE 
Videography © iart 

The 2023 IALD Awards of Merit

American Museum of Natural History –
Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals

New York, New York, USA

Richard Renfro
Jenny Stafford
Matt Caraway
Aylin Aydin
Angie Ohman
Paola Bernal
Renfro Design Group

Photography © Frank Oudeman; © Renfro Design Group

Athens Olympic Museum 

Marousi, Athens, Greece 

Abe Shameson, Loisos + Ubbelohde 
Konstantinos Labrinopoulus, KLAB Architecture 
Loisos + Ubbelohde in collaboration with KLAB Architecture 

Photography © Mariana Bisti 

 Biograph Pilot Clinic 

San Mateo, California, USA 

Kristin Peck, Assoc. IALD 
Cory Madeson 
Anna Lok 
PritchardPeck Lighting 

Photography © Adam Rouse 

The Elizabeth Line: Line-Wide Design 

London, United Kingdom 

Keith Miller, Assoc. IALD 
Philip Avery, Assoc. IALD 
Equation Lighting Design 

Photography © Morley von Sternberg, FRIBA 

 Greenhills Beach Residence 

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

Donn Salisbury, IALD 
Vladi Rosolova (formerly of Electrolight

Photography © Rohan Venn 

GRNDCTRL Night Club 

Shanghai, China 

Ke Yang 
YAANK Lighting Design 

Photography/Videography © Feng Shao 


Reykjavík, Iceland 

Örn Erlendsson 
Guðjón L. Sigurðsson, IALD 
Katerina Blahutová 
Erling Þorgrímsson 
LISKA ehf. 

Photography © Örn Erlendsson 

 The Schwarzman Center Renovation at Yale University 

New Haven, Connecticut, USA 

Ishikawa Prefectural Library 

Ishikawa, Japan 

Kaoru Mende, FIALD 
Mari Kubota, Assoc. IALD 
Momoko Muraoka, Assoc. IALD 
Hikaru Kimura 
Lighting Planners Associates 

Photography © Lighting Planners Associates 

Hervé Descottes 
Wei Jien 
Leah Xandora 
Wen Y. Lin 
Anna Muslimova 
Yasmin Giacoman 
Mayumi Yasuda 
L’Observatoire International 

Photography © Francis Dzikowski, Otto 

Senate House Steps, University of London 

London, United Kingdom 

Sarah Alsayed 
Colin Ball, IALD 
Ollie Lambert 
Mark Ridler 
BDP Lighting 

Photography © Nick Caville 

SETSU Niseko – a Seven Palms Resort (Reception, Lobby Lounge & Wine Bar) 

Hokkaido, Japan 

Shigeki Fujii, Assoc. IALD 
Sanny Yuwono 

Photography © Nipek 

 Steinmetz Hall, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 

Orlando, Florida, USA 

Ann Kale, IALD 
Nathaniel Bartos, Assoc. IALD 
Ann Kale Associates 

Photography © Ann Kale; © Ciro Coelho Photography 

Queen Miami Beach (Theatre Restaurant Night Club) 

Miami, Florida, USA 

Julien Caquineau 
Gareth Davies 
María Flores 
Mariel García 
Pedro Hurtado 
Carolina Ibarra 
Axel Magos 
Francisco Montes 
Marco Morales 
Thomas Paterson, IALD 
Hugo Solano 
Lux Populi 

Photography © Craig Denis Creative

Verizon at the Hub on Causeway 

Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

Carrie Hawley, IALD 
Amy Huan 
Webster Marsh (formerly of HLB Lighting Design
Michael Stiller 
HLB Lighting Design + Michael Stiller Design 

Photography © Andy Caulfield; © Bret Osswald 
Videography © HLB Lighting Design 

The 2023 IALD Special Citations

2023 Special Citation for Community Improvement Through Interactive Lighting 


Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Alan McIntosh, IALD 
Mulvey & Banani Lighting 

Photography/Videography © Osvaldo Sepulveda 

2023 Special Citation for Cost-Effective Sustainable Improvement of Community Space 

Woodriff Lane Lighting Intervention 

Penrith, New South Wales, Australia 

Steensen Varming, in collaboration with KI Studio 

Photography © Steensen VarmingKI Studio3S Lighting 

More information available here

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