New D.C.-based HQ for Atlantic 10 (A-10) Conference Features Broadcast Studio with Brightline Lighting Complement

May 1, 2024

 The new headquarters for the Atlantic 10 Conference (A-10) is the first NCAA Division 1 conference based in Washington, DC.

As doors officially opened January, 2024 in D.C., with full staff transition expected by this June, the league is eager to highlight the benefits of its new location as a media, sports, transportation and cultural hub.

“The District is a vibrant major location with significant advantages in travel, economics and nationally recognized media,” said A-10 Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade in a statement. “Washington provides access to a highly educated, diverse community that embraces Fortune 500 companies, innovative technology and is the political center of the world, all factors in the current college athletics landscape. Buoyed by the confluence of higher education meetings and seminars in the District the A-10 Presidents Council frequent D.C. thought out the year”

Bernadette V. McGlade,
A-10 Commissioner

A head office in D.C. puts the organization’s base of operations at the geographic center of its membership footprint. Seven of its 15 members are located within a four-hour commute of Washington, D.C. As the conference has expanded geographically, the city provides member schools with easier access to league headquarters with three major airports nearby. A-10 schools are as far south as Davidson College in North Carolina, as far west as St. Louis University and as far north as the University of Rhode Island.

While a main office in Washington, D.C. is a first for the conference, the A-10 is no stranger to the nation’s capital. D.C. has been the host city for the league’s signature event – the A-10 Men’s Basketball Championship. It was played at Capital One Arena in 2018 and 2022 and will host the 15-team tournament in 2025. DC has also been the host city for the Atlantic 10 Volleyball, Women’s Lacrosse and Softball Championships, and the Cross Country, Baseball and Rowing Championships.

A showpiece of the new 5,000 square foot office on Dupont Circle is a broadcast studio lit with Brightline studio lighting fixtures. The A-10 studio will be used to create and distribute content, from studio sports shows to educational seminars geared to the leagues over 5,000 student-athletes. The studio will be available to all member schools to produce their own video. In the world of NIL this is a significant opportunity for the A-10 members.

Brightline L1.2 soft lights and Lupo fresnels provide studio lighting for the broadcast studio’s news set and guest interview areas. Lighting Designer Dan McKenrick of Television Lighting Design and Direction, based in Fredericksburg, VA, installed the fixtures and programmed the lighting’s DMX controller for Brightline.

“Since this is a new location, with a new broadcast studio, one of our main goals is to create a distinctive look and presence,” said Scott McBurney, Lead Consultant, Advanced Media, Atlantic 10 Conference. “We understand how important lighting is in creating exactly how we want to produce content for the Atlantic 10 delivering the best quality to the viewers. The Brightline soft lights and fresnels combine to produce the most flattering illumination possible in our new studio. The Brightline lighting complement is a big part of why we believe we’re creating the most engaging video productions in the conference’s history.”

Scott McBurney, Lead Consultant, Advanced Media, Atlantic 10 Conference

“We couldn’t be happier that our lights were selected for the new A-10 broadcast studio,” explains Kathy Katz, Managing Partner, Brightline. “The conference’s new location is set to contribute so much economically and culturally to the greater D.C. area. We can’t wait to see the programming produced at the new studio.”

Kathy Katz, Managing Partner, Brightline

The variable white L1.2 LED studio lighting fixture is adjustable from 3200K to 5600K. Designed for broadcast and videoconferencing, the L1.2 offers high-quality lighting (>97 CRI) with DMX control. Weighing less than 18 pounds, the compact fixtures are constructed with 100 percent aluminum in the United States.

Lupo fresnels are available in dedicated 3200°K or 5600°K and dual or full color. The lightweight and rugged fixture is extremely versatile, and focusable from a narrow spot to a wide-beam full flood, and anything in between. Each fixture has a battery-powered option and includes an extremely quiet fan.

The full lighting scheme at the A-10 broadcast studio is as follows:
  • Brightline L1.2X variable white with DMX control for front lighting (8x)
  • Lupo LL-650 variable white fresnels with DMX for backlight (4x)
  • ETC ColorSource console (1x)

More information available here

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