Juno Introduces New Trac-Master® Narrow Profile LED Wall Wash Track Family with 360 Degree Rotation

August 16, 2023

Juno Introduces New Trac-Master® Narrow Profile LED Wall Wash Track Family

Slim profile wall wash fixtures offer intense, evenly distributed light with full-wall coverage.

Juno recently announced the new family of Trac-Master® Narrow Profile LED Wall Wash Track Fixtures. The fixtures provide intense, evenly distributed light with full-wall coverage making them an ideal choice wherever a wide, uniform beam pattern is desired to enhance an accent wall, signage, product display, or any focal point on the room perimeter.

Using 30 percent less materials than previous wall wash Trac-Master models, Juno’s slim, non-invasive design maintains a discreet presence. Minimal aperture brightness fights glare, improving user comfort. Impeccably designed center of gravity maintains perfect balance regardless of fixture aiming. Fixtures can even be aimed straight down to provide widespread ambient lighting.  Match lighting performance to the size of the space and desired effect with a choice of seven lumen packages. Blast the room perimeter for visual impact or dim it to your preference to create a more balanced space.

The Narrow Profile Wall Wash fixtures provide 360° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical aiming, and it is designed with vertical aiming scales and locking set screws. It is compatible with Juno Trac-Master® or Trac-Lites™ track systems, and it is also available with optional alternate mounting adapters for use on the most frequently encountered competitor track systems. An assortment of field-installable light control accessories is available for maximum project flexibility and visual comfort.

Key Trac-Master Narrow Profile Wall Wash features include: 
  • Narrow and compact design reduces visual clutter at the ceiling and blends in with any environment.
  • Integrated compact LED driver is assembled in a slim profile housing mounted parallel to the track providing minimized overall footprint.
  • Slim Profile housing features robust cast aluminum construction in white, black, or silver finishes and offers concealed wiring for a clean aesthetic; integrates visually with Juno LED accent spotlights.
  • Custom hyperbolic reflector creates a smooth, wide beam pattern and enables deep LED regression for maximum visual comfort.
  • Advanced LED light engine features two high-efficiency LEDs per fixture, providing excellent performance, color quality/consistency, and reliability in multiple CCTs and CRIs. 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K white phosphor high-performance LEDs available. 80 CRI minimum standard, optional high CRI versions offer 90 CRI minimum.
  • Highly efficient design provides efficacy of up to 148 lumens per watt. Delivers minimum 70% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours operating life.

More information about Trac-Master Narrow Profile Wall Wash Fixtures is available here.

More information available here

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