Introducing the Luxuriously Functional Tangram Pendant Family by Eureka Lighting

Eureka Tangram

February 28, 2023

Making a striking design statement is now easier than ever. With broad straps and four big, bold luminaires, the Tangram family offers latitude for configuring lighting and geometries.

With its flat power cable fully concealed inside its strap, designers are empowered to invent their own visual language without suspension cables and fasteners in the way. Tangram offers absolute control over the mood and feel of a space.


Precision machining from a block of solid glass gives the Tangram-Cut pendant its luxurious, jewel-like quality. The premium look and rich feel of the Tangram-Cut pendant help define luxury in high-end hospitality spaces. When connected with the overwide straps seen in their various perspectives, the overall effect is something unique. Depending on finish of glass – frosted or clear – and output option selected, output ranges from 1,216 to 2,500 delivered lumens. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave bottom further diffuse light.



Compact power that’s beautiful and functional. Configured and suspended in endless ways, Tangram-Essential brings geometric interest to lobbies and informal lounge or meeting areas. The classic luminaire form punctuates each design statement created by the straps. Honeycomb or prismatic lenses span Tangram-Essential fully, giving each 8-inch cylinder great visual impact.

Depending on the output option and honeycomb color selected, output ranges from 496 to 2,690 delivered lumens. For the prismatic lens option, low, regular, and high output options range from 1,857 to 3,977 delivered lumens.


Tangram-Tact’s warm and soft curves are a friendly and welcoming addition to a space. Even with the strapping’s strong lines, they assert their presence.

The pendant offers precise focusing ability, useful for defining seating areas or illuminating pathways and corridors. The light source’s deep position within the 12 inches diameter shade reduces glare, and increases user comfort.

Designers can choose a 25-degree or 60-degree beam angle, and optical accessories include a honeycomb louver or a clear glass lens option.

Low, regular, and high output options range from 1,537 to 3,318 delivered lumens.

tangram suspension


With Tangram-Trace, construction details are muted, so the visual flow from strap through fixture is smooth and effortless, even when viewed from above. The look is pure modern sophistication that confidently defines a space.

Available in 2’, 4’ and 6’ lengths.

Prismatic Lens

The premium prismatic lens relates texturally to the strap material, providing luxuriously diffuse light.

With a 1.1-inch profile, Tangram-Trace offers a rich illumination, a quality not often found in luminaires so thin. Low, regular, and high output options range from 670 to 1,027 delivered lumens per foot.

Game Piece

With Tangram the canopy is not something you hide, it’s a design tool you can play with. Straps can be made to appear to flow discreetly out of the ceiling, or canopy elements can mirror and amplify the geometry suspended below. It’s your play.

Bold Moves

Spacers deflect the path of the strap between fixture and canopy. Pull straps in, push them out or create a parallelogram. Creating visual movement is just one design strategy.

All In The Details

tangram detail

Construction details matter, especially for delivering a seamless, clean look. Tangram’s 4-inch straps flow effortlessly into light fixtures while connections with the canopy are clean and unobtrusive.

Lenses details are simple and elegant.

With no visible fasteners and a neatly finished top of fixture, Tangram can be used in spaces where it is seen from above.

Dare to Play

Choose from 12 preconfigured options for pendants and another 12 for linear versions. Define a single parameter – overall arrangement height – to complement the space. Or customize your own configurations for infinite possibilities. Our team is here to discuss your ideas.

Colour Flow

tangram colour options
Straps come in 5 decorative colors that make your design plans even bigger and bolder.
Pantone color match and suggested complementary RAL and felt colors are available on spec sheet.

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