Halo Outdoor LED Security Sconce by Cooper Lighting

Cooper Halo FE Series Sconce

February 16, 2023

Day context shot sconce
Daytime Context shot
  • LED Entry Light Wall Sconce family ranging from basic, lumen selectable, and motion activated options
  • Maintenance-free LEDs with lifespan of 25,000hr (Basic FE08 & Lumen Select FE12S) / 50,000hr (Glow Ring FE10A)
  • Equivalent to 60W incandescent or 13W CFL luminaires
  • Integrated photo control provides nighttime ON/ daytime OFF functionality
  • Accessory cap provided in package can be used to turn fixtured into a switch activated product if D2D feature is not required.
  • Low profile plastic injection molded housing suitable for outdoor use in wet locations
  • UV rated frosted polycarbonate lens provides smooth diffuse light and won’t yellow over time
  • Perfect security lighting for residential and light commercial applications
  • Available in bronze and white finishes
  • Smooth diffuse frosted lens provides glare free light
  • Ambient Always On Glow ring provides added security and ambiance (Glow Ring version)
Night Context shot Sconce
Nighttime Context Shot
Sconce Close up
Frosted Polycarbonate Lens, Plastic Housing

The FE series LED Wall Sconce provides years of security lighting by not having to replace bulbs. It comes in three different varieties including Standard, Lumen Selectable & a Motion Activated version with an always on Ambient Glow ring.

Sconce Options
Ambient Always on Glow Ring Left, Lumen selectable on right, Motion activated also available
Sconce Accessory Cap
Accessory Cap to make fixture switch activated

The FE series LED Entry Wall Sconces provides years of maintenance free operation by not having to replace bulbs. It comes in three different varieties including Standard, Lumen Selectable & a Motion Activated version with an always on Ambient Glow ring. Lumen output ranges from 800 lumens for Basic version up to 1200 lumens for the Lumen Select version. Highly durable & corrosion resistant polycarbonate construction in textured Bronze and White finish.

This modern Wall Sconce light looks great on porches, decks, front entryways, garages and more. Great for residential or commercial applications. This fixture features a Dusk-to-Dawn photocell to help automate your outdoor lighting. It mounts easily to an existing junction box on the wall simply and easily. Designed for outdoor use and will add pleasant security light where you need it.

FE- Entry Light08- 800 Lumens (Nominal)
12- 1200/900/700
Lumens (Nominal)
*Selectable Lumens only
A- Fixed Lumen
S- Selectable Lumen
40- 4000KFD-
FE- Entry Light10- 1000 Lumens (Nominal)
*Glow Ring Only
A- Fixed Lumen35- 3500K
*Glow Ring Only
GLM- Glow Ring
with Motion/
Dusk-to-Dawn sensor
*All combinations do not exist- only for illustrative purposes

Product Specifications

Motion Sensor

  • 120° degree PIR sensor with a dection range up to 15ft distance(FE10A)
  • Fixture operating temp of -30°C to 40°C
  • Integral photocell allows for night time ON /daytime OFF operation
  • External supply wiring 75°C minimum
  • In motion mode, fixture will stay ON for 3 min once motion ceases to exist (FE10A Series)


  • UV resistant frosted lens for smooth diffuse light distribution
  • 4000K(FE08, FE12) & 3500K(FE10A) CCT’s
  • available ideal for security applications


  • Electrical operating voltage 120VAC 60Hz
  • Built to last with maintenance-free LEDs with
  • L70 lifetime of 50,000 hours (FE12S and FE10A
  • Series) and 25000 hours (FE08 Series)


  • Durable, UV resistant polycarbonate housing suitable for wet locations
  • Suitable for wall or eave mounting
  • Mounts to most standard recessed junction boxes
  • Optional shorting cap provided in box for
  • switch activated operation



  • Textured Bronze and White Finish


  • UL certified for US and Canada for wet locations
  • EMI/RFI emissions per FCC 47CFR Part 15B
  • Contains no mercury or lead and RoHS compliant
  • Photometric testing in accordance with IES LM-79-08
  • Lumen maintenance projections in accordance with IES LM-80-08 and TM-21-11

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