Eureka Announces New Formats for Mill Luminaire

LDS Eureka Mill Luminaire

July 18, 2022

Eureka announced several new formats for its Mill luminaire.

Mill is a range of acoustic luminaires designed to absorb sound and reduce ambient noise in modern spaces with high ceilings or hard surfaces. Felt blades create a cylindrical shape, which traps and absorbs sound within the luminaire’s hollow column.

Originally introduced with a 14.45” diameter and in heights of 14”, 25” and 35”, the family now includes 35.5” and 47” diameter variations. The new large-scale formats are designed to fill large commercial and public spaces. Fixtures can be suspended or ceiling surface-mounted, depending on needs.

Mill offers powerful and evenly diffused downlight in multiple outputs, ranging from 1,004 to 16,489 delivered lumens. It features a frosted acrylic lens for even light transmission; the pendant is available with an optional second light source for excellent uplight performance. Both light sources can be dimmed separately.

In addition to 14 standard acoustic material colors, Mill is offered in 16 premium colors. And when extra sound absorption is needed, Mill may now be specified as unlit. Designers can mix and match lit and unlit with varied colors and sizes to create clusters that illuminate large spaces while managing acoustics.

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