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July 16, 2018 

With a simple tap or swipe, the Interact Landmark Scene management app enables lighting managers to manage, control and change the lighting on bridges, buildings and monuments on the fly. Spectacular light shows can be remotely programmed to commemorate special events, holidays and important civic causes. For example, managers can now respond quickly to a request from the mayor’s office to paint a bridge in pink light to support World Breast Cancer Awareness or program.

Controlling the light, whenever & wherever

Site managers may personalize their user account settings and securely access their architectural lighting system while on the go. They can change colors, trigger light shows and view schedules. As the app works via the cloud, authorized users no longer need to first log in via a VPN connection.  

Features and functionality within the new Scene Management app include:

Remote content management: ability to work on-the-go and remotely, to select and change a building’s lighting to suit virtually nearly any occasion.
Cloud enabled access: secure app access via smartphone, tablet or PCs. No need to connect to company network or VPN.
Color picker, white picker: selection from a color pallet of 16 million colors.
Trigger shows, scenes: instantly trigger a pre-programmed show or scene at the tap of a screen.
Multi-site content management: create and manage content for multiple installations around a city, or anywhere in the world. A ‘Virtual Button’ feature allows a user to group shows and scenes from multiple installations so that they can all be controlled on a single trigger.
Calendar schedules: bookmark dates and moments to change lighting scenes for holidays and special events.
Flexible user management: create customized user profiles and access privileges.
Secure and simple connectivity: provides secure and easy connectivity between the software controller on site, and the Interact Landmark Scene management software without need to setup up VPN or other secure tunnels, or static IP for the controller.

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