BIOS Welcomes Serial Entrepreneur Deepak Savadatti as CEO

December 5, 2022

BIOS announced Deepak Savadatti as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Savadatti, being an energetic entrepreneur and global business leader in the semiconductor and life sciences industries, brings a wealth of leadership experience to broaden the worldwide presence of BIOS and the company’s biologically driven lighting for humans and plants.

Sean Tegart and Robert Soler co-founded BIOS in 2014 with the vision and mission to inspire, educate, and innovate the world through a biology-first approach to light. Sean has taken on the new role of EVP of Business Development to scale sales while Robert Soler, EVP of Biological Research and Technology, will continue to focus on new product innovations.

“Just like plants, humans are sunlight-seeking creatures. Thanks to our own human innovation of artificial lighting, we now spend 90% of our life indoors. Sunlight is the primary signal for plants to grow and for the body to regulate the master clock in our brains”, says Savadatti. “Every cell in our body relies on the master clock to help regulate when we are active and when we should rest.”

“In the same way that insufficient light exposure creates risks for plant health and yields, disrupted human circadian rhythm is linked to chronic conditions and sleep disorders,” explains Savadatti. “The LED lighting that we use today was created to enhance good vision and plant response while reducing energy consumption. The greatest disservice committed by the lighting industry is ignoring the impact of light on the health and wellness of human beings. BIOS is here to change that. I am excited to be a part of BIOS to help billions of people and plants around the globe benefit from lighting technology that not only lights up our rooms but will light up our lives.”

“Deepak is an impressive entrepreneur who has scaled companies from scratch as well as grown large organizations to higher profitability,” said Loren Roseman, Chairman of the Board for BIOS Lighting. “Deepak’s background in engineering, product development, marketing, and business development will enable BIOS to reach our full potential. We are thrilled to have Deepak as our CEO to help establish BIOS as the leader of the lighting world for humans and plants.”

The BIOS team continues to evolve new biological lighting solutions that bring the natural brilliance of sunlight indoors where it’s needed most—for human healthplant growth, and beyond.


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