Feb 8, 2021

LDS IALD Eastern Can 400The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has announced the addition of the IALD Eastern Canada Chapter to their network of IALD Regions + Chapters. IALD's Regions + Chapters give our 1,500 lighting design members the ability to connect and create meaningful programming for local professionals passionate about lighting, including lighting designers, architects, interior designers, lighting manufacturers and more. The IALD has over 30 active Regions + Chapters around the world. 

“With this new chapter in Eastern Canada,” states IALD coordinator, Alicia Dávila Monterrey, IALD, “we are looking to build a bridge between lighting designers and all the different professionals in the design industry and increase awareness of the lighting design profession."

“We are looking forward to promoting lighting designers as essential partners to improve projects in the built-environment,” adds IALD coordinator, Sophie Charvein, IALD. “This chapter will be a great way to build connections and strengthen relationships with our fellow lighting designers, and also with the professionals that we interact with on projects.”

IALD’s Regions + Chapters create local events, build personal and professional connections, and learn from each other while being part of the larger, dynamic global community of lighting design professionals across the world.

For more information about how to get involved in your local chapter, visit IALD’s Regions + Chapters page and reach out to your local coordinator.