Cree DistributorA Cree distributor has voiced concerns over streetlight bidding requirements in Phoenix, the largest city in the State of Arizona, U.S.

Stringent lighting requirements for the 90,000 streetlight upgrade project will only allow two potential companies to submit a bid approval, says Myron Manns, Director of Communications for CGE Energy, a distributor for Cree LED products.

Mann claims the bid was written in such a way to prevent other companies that are normally eligible to submit a bid.According to the Phoenix request for proposal (RFP), the bulb must have a lumen depreciation of 40 degrees Celsius, which basically demands the bulb must be capable of operating under certain hot temperatures. Mann claims the industry standard is 25 degrees Celsius, which significantly reduces potential bidding candidates to two.He also notes Phoenix’s RFP temperature requirements were unusually high compared to surrounding areas.

The Phoenix city government denies unfairness in its tendering process."What we have to ensure or be very careful about is making sure that what we're putting out in the streets for our residents is tested and proven," says Charlene Reynolds,Deputy Street Transportation Director.Reynolds notes that Cree has gone through voluntary testing with the city since 2007, and knew their LED bulbs did not meet the requirements.