NX Dual Tech Digital LightHAWK Is a Combination Smart Wall Switch and Digital Sensor with Style

May 26, 2023

NX Dual Tech Digital LightHAWK Is a Combination Smart Wall Switch and Digital Sensor with Style

Current’s latest lighting controls solution combines ultra-convenience, utility and appeal.

The new NX Lighting Controls Dual Tech Digital LightHAWK (NXSMIR-LH or NXSMDT-LH) from Current is a stylishly refined wall switch that combines leading occupancy sensing technology and multifunctional photocell capabilities into a single package. Allowing for simple plug-and-play connection with NX room control devices, as well as smooth integration with NX wireless- and wired-enabled luminaires, this smart switch sensor offers one convenient solution for all types of indoor scenarios.

The power to choose.

The NX Digital LightHAWK is available in two sensor technology options. The NXSMIR-LH sensor includes passive infrared (PIR) technology for occupancy detection as well as photocontrol for daylight harvesting, while the NXSMDT-LH sensor includes these capabilities in addition to ultrasonic (US) sensing for occupancy detection.

Users can quickly configure different NX Digital LightHAWK settings with the help of the NX Lighting Controls App (Android and iOS devices), including the ability to tailor motion detection technologies (when using NXSMDT-LH) to function as PIR only, US only, or in Dual Tech mode. And with up to four configurable rocker-style switches plus access to the ever-growing NX Switch Type Library, there is a multitude of control variations for specifiers to utilize to solve different challenges. Additionally, the sensors can function in lightbar mode to provide a location indicator for wayfinding in low light environments.

“NX LightHAWK is fully programmable for both the switch and occupancy technologies, so it is a truly versatile and code compliant device,” says Andrew Klas, Product Manager for Current. “It also allows for simple plug-and-play connection with NX-brand room controllers, or smooth integration with NX-brand wireless and wired luminaires, so you get the breadth and flexibility to scale from standalone fixture applications all the way to networked enterprise deployments. From single rooms to entire buildings to multilocation properties, we’ve made it much easier to manage project requirements with one platform that can adapt to virtually any need.”

Andrew Klas, Product Manager for Current

Each sensor also comes enabled with NX Lighting Controls’ proprietary IntelliSCOPE™ technology that allows users to see real-time occupancy data from their mobile device to provide better accuracy and faster commissioning times. IntelliSCOPE gives users the ability to make real-time sensitivity adjustments to prevent faults and inaccuracies, such as false “ons” or detections triggered by motion or object profiles the system can be trained to recognize. This also activates deeper energy savings when devices stay powered down until needed or lights are not switched on when HVAC units kick in.

NX Digital LightHAWK further provides both Bluetooth® and Wireless 2.4 GHz communication to enable the simple programming and implementation of new and retrofit deployments. It can be connected wirelessly to NX-brand integrated luminaire sensors, radio modules, digital ceiling sensors and/or battery-operated wall stations, or connected via Cat5 cable to NX-brand Room Controllers (NXRCFX2) or Fixture Control Modules (NXFM2) through dual RJ45 SmartPORT™. 

Deep levels of customization for commercial spaces.

NX Dual Tech Digital LightHAWK is the latest addition to the complete NX Lighting Controls portfolio that includes in-fixture and wall/circuit-level options, giving customers more flexibility to provide intuitive zonal, room-based or network control via wireless, wired or hybrid configurations. Designed exclusively for specifiers and contractors, NX Lighting Controls products are backed by a nationwide network of Current field service engineers, so installers can get the hands-on assistance they need to guarantee a smooth start-up and proper commissioning of system capabilities without extra training investment.

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