A Look at Kurt Versen Under the Current Brand Family


April 12, 2022

Architects who understand the need to be seen are always looking for new solutions to make an impression. Now part of the Current brand family of premier lighting solutions, Kurt Versen (KV) offers the right tools for these designers looking to leave their mark on the world—or a city block. With the introduction of Noni™ small aperture recessed and cylinder products, KV is bold, beautiful and back.

“Acquiring Hubbell Lighting’s commercial business created a powerhouse provider within the architectural community, and it created opportunities like this to give up-and-coming professionals something personal and distinctive,” said Tom Benton, Current Vice President and General Manager, Fixtures. “The KV Noni offering delivers small aperture light fixtures with the textures, colors and performance customers told us they really, really want—it’s for architects and specifiers who are eager to stand out.”

Like you planned it that way

The Noni portfolio is packed with stylish options for spaces that require a tight fit or where the ceiling plenum is small. This includes downlights and wall washers with a true, ultra-shallow 2-inch housing so designers can focus their efforts on the architectural environment below the ceiling, not the complexity above.

And because recessed flanges are beautiful—but can be difficult to install reliably—the introduction of CorrectCut technology ensures a perfect hole is cut every time. Now specifiers can get the look of a small flange and the certainty of knowing it will look great installed.

For open ceiling applications, KV offers a full selection of cylinders that share reflectors with the recessed product to ensure a consistent, designed environment throughout.

“These products are designed to look stunning together,” said Chris Lajoie, Product Manager for Kurt Versen. “Maybe you want a smooth or textured fixture, Noni can do that. There are fearless new colors like Pink Panache and Grasshopper or tried-and-true black, gray, graphite, white and copper. And not only new color choices—we continually forecast lighting and design trends to keep our inventory full of options that inspire confidence from purchase to installation.”

It’s your space, KV wants to be part of it

The Kurt Versen brand provides visual and emotional inspiration for architects and lighting designers. As KV moves ahead with tomorrow’s needs in mind, customers can get started today with a wide selection of Noni products and technologies that allow the design—not the details—to be their focus. With even more tools arriving soon, Noni is the first step for the reimagined KV brand that aims to dazzle and delight by showing spaces in a new light.

Building visionaries seeking the inspiration to adapt and redefine are invited to take a new look at everything the KV Noni collection offers.

Check out their look book 

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