LightFair Innovation Awards 2023 Winners

May 1, 2023

The LightFair Innovation Awards (LIAs) highlight the industry’s top innovations introduced since the last LightFair. They celebrate the ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness of our industry’s manufacturers, researchers, developers, scientists, and designers.

Congratulations to the winners of the LightFair Innovation Awards 2023. An independent panel of judges from the IES and IALD reviewed each submission and selected a Category Winner for each of the 11 categories. Further, they continued to review the top 11 to select the Most Innovative Product of 2023, Technical Innovation Award and Design Excellence Award.

Judging criteria included the product’s clarity of purpose, versatility, adaptability, sustainability, ease of use, design efficiency and aspects that enhanced human wellbeing, among others. Although selecting winners was not easy, these products stood out in winning the nod from our judges.

Technical Innovation Award

ATOM Series Wall Switch with Scene Controls

Magtech Industries Corp

The ATOM is the first in N.A that introduce a wireless wall switch with multiple scene controls and built-in relay for on and off control. It is suitable for multi-gang installation. Work in wide range AC input from 110 ~ 277VAC.

The Atom introduces for the first time to the global market cost efficient features and designs to better the quality specifically for the end user’s comfort and environment.

booth number: 1969

Design Excellence Award

Neo Pendant by OCL
Neo Pendant & Surface Mount


When we talk about Neo with specifiers and agents, we talk about Utility Redefined. Neo checks so many boxes, it’s hard to find a project it doesn’t fit in.

Features Fully luminous shade provides visual presence with soft, uniform illumination and optimal 60/40 distribution Up to 111 lumens per watt –10,000 lumens at LED2 in 36”

booth number: 3214

Most Innovative Product of the Year


TLS Architectural Lighting

TLS LumiPano, Perforated Metal Solution delivers countless design options with standard & custom perforated options. Each panel is custom constructed to incorporate bespoke & organic shapes into your luminous design. Backlit by our TLS for perfectly diffused homogenous lighting, offered in Static CCT, Tuneable White, RGBW, Pixel Control. The lightweight polycarbonate diffuser offers up to 87% transmission. LumiPano can be independently mounted without requiring 3rd party T-bar ceiling. The magnetic profile clipping technology allows easy profile removal for access to lighting & plenum above

Perforated Metal panels are easily installed & accessible due to our magnetic profile clipping technology. Backlit by the lightweight TLS for perfectly diffused homogenous lighting. Full metal capability for creating organic shapes & unique patterns.

booth number: 3128

Judges Citation Award


Tekpoles SP. Z O.O.

Poleclick has the potential to become a standard in Led lighting installation. Old streetlights were equipped with bulbs that were replaced if broken. The Led SL has PS, Led PCB, sensors, etc. and these parts can be replaced if broken. Maintenance is done at 6-12 m height, using screwdrivers, hex keys in 20-25 min. With Poleclick, Led lamps can be replaced within 5min. It is tool free – Strong alu and steel, Invisible- has the same pole diameter, – Universal- compatible with all lighting and poles brands, Versatile- can be installed V. and H, and Safe- reduce the worker’s risks.

Poleclick is the only tool free invention on the outdoor Led lighting market. It permits to replace LED lighting fixtures with one single click. The substitution becomes fast and almost effortless, reducing working risks and optimizing replacement time.

booth number: 909

The Judges’ Citation Award is not chosen from among the Best of Category Awards. Rather, the judges consider all products submitted and select a product worthy of note. Often a product may be playful, establish a technical milestone, represent a special uniqueness, or evoke something personal in the judges: “I want one!” “I have a project right now for which this is made!” “Why haven’t we seen this before?”, or “It’s about time!”

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