Wildlight: Lighting Inside the New West Coast-inspired Kitchen + Bar by MP Lighting

May 15, 2023

Low Voltage X01-CS (cable system) fixture used for subtle overhead lighting inside the restaurant

Located near the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus in Vancouver, BC, the newly built Wildlight Kitchen + Bar restaurant serves playful & sustainable local fare and creative cocktails in a modern setting. To complement the premium-casual menu, the interior design is relaxed and uncomplicated by using natural wood panels that are complemented by the organic colours featured in the space. Sage greens and rich ochre reds provide some light pops of colour to the space without overpowering the true focus of Wildlight – the food. To highlight the fare and create a cozy ambiance, the X01 fixtures were installed with the cable system to provide warm overhead light over the entire length of the restaurant.

Smart Use of Cable Lighting System to Set an Elegant Ambience for Wildlight

When first entering Wildlight, the long cables X01-CS above pepper the ceiling with pendant luminaires. The X01 luminaires trail the entire length of the restaurant on cables. Typically, the cables run from 10-20ft, but for this restaurant, they were custom-made to reach the 66ft length of the restaurant with the help of standoffs. 43 X01 luminaires fit on the cables, and the distance between each track head can be arranged depending on the current lighting need of the space, though they also look great when equidistant to each other. This cable lighting system is great for pairing with other luminaires as its minimal and sleek design suits most environments and complements most luminaires.

Low Voltage X01-CS (cable system) fixture shown with other luminaires. Also shown, wall installation of cables with turnbuckles (TBK002)

The X01-CS luminaires are great for restaurants due to their flexibility. Each head can be manually adjusted to point in any direction, giving further emphasis to specific spots in the space. The ability to move each fixture within the cable and direct it is great for ever-changing places. Bars, restaurants, and lounges benefit greatly from that as the atmosphere can be slightly changed to fit the mood of the night. These luminaires are also dimmable with the correct driver. For Wildlight, the TLW120MT300 magnetic transformer was used for the X01 luminaires on a cable system, allowing these fixtures to be dimmed – and creating a great atmosphere for the restaurant.

Low Voltage X01-CS (cable system) fixture shown with other luminaires and sound system. Also shown, inverted T-support (SDF002), also called standoff support, for added security

The sleek installation hardware allows for a seamless look in the restaurant environment’s. To accommodate the length of the cables, standoff supports (SDF002) that connect the cables to the ceiling were added every 8ft to prevent bowed cable lines. The extra support is primarily functional, and the sleekness of the design and finish almost camouflage it within the Wildlight restaurant.

The Low Voltage X01-CS fixture with a cable system. Also shown, inverted T-support (SDF002), the flexible power canopy (CPY003), which connects to the TLW120MT300 magnetic transformer – allowing the lights to be dimmed

The Low Voltage X01 luminaires come without a light source; they are MR-16 compatible and can be used with an array of lamp possibilities. To ensure that the chosen lamps will work with the fixture, the lights can be tested during the production stage; that way, there are no unwelcome surprises during installation. One big advantage of this type of fixture is that halogen bulbs can be used with the Low Voltage collection. Halogen bulbs tend to be warmer and create a deeper, more intimate atmosphere, perfect for places like restaurants, bars, and lounges – where that intimacy is usually desired.

Bringing Attention to Wine Display with MP Lighting’s Wine Rack System

LED-integrated wine rack system L182 used inside an arched display case, with 2B (double bottle, label facing) arms

Next to the bar at Wildlight, the L182 LED-integrated wine rack system is encased in a frame of wood with a rich red ochre background. The wall-mounted wine racks hold 2 bottles in each arm, proving to be a great storage solution and display case. Each rail is 7ft tall and can accommodate up to 14 bottles. The wine rack is a great way to present special occasions or one-of-a-kind wine bottles.

LED-integrated wine rack system L182 installed wall-mounted for a flush look

The L182 luminaire is in the Black Anodized finish, as it’s a great contrast against the warm-toned wall. Each arm comes equipped with a 1W LED light and a half-shroud to block any glare from bothering passers-by. A huge advantage of using LED lights is that they don’t emit UV rays and emit very little-to-no heat, nulling the risk of damaging the wines on display. The 120° beam angle provides a spacious beam of light to illuminate both bottles in its arm entirely, which is great for showcasing labels.


  1. Is the cable lighting system dimmable?

Yes. Powered by a dimmable magnetic transformer (TLW120MT300), the luminaires on the cable system can be dimmed to achieve the desired brightness.

  1. How do we know if the MR16 we have would work on your system?

MP Lighting’s production team in Vancouver, BC, can test the light bulbs before shipping them out to ensure they’re compatible before they’re installed.

  1. How long can MP Lighting cable system be?

Typically, the cable length for these systems is 10-20ft long. For this project, however, it’s around 66ft. Different projects have different needs, and most alterations can be done in-house with the help of the production and design teams.

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