The Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Pure Product Guide is Now Available

September 26, 2023

Earlier this year, Lumenpulse introduced a linear fixture obsessed with the highest quality white light on the market. The Lumenfacade Pure boasts a clean, modern design with true one-foot incremental lengths and methodical engineering that emphasises ease of installation, elegance, quality, and performance. 

Lumenfacade Pure orders have already begun to ship and will soon be seen illuminating a project near you. To ease the specification of the Lumenfacade Pure and to show all the pristine and precise Pure offerings, we’ve created a Lumenfacade Pure Product Guide.

The Product Guide provides specification information, real distribution photographs, and application examples while giving you up-to-date information on everything the Lumenfacade Pure can do for you and your project.  

The Lumenfacade Pure’s optics include the new Ceiling Asymmetric and Narrow Asymmetric beam spreads to broaden your linear applications. They are also available with Clear, Frosted, and Half-Frosted lenses as standard options. Optimally designed, seamless accessories that emphasise optical performance. The Lumenfacade Pure is available with a VRN vibration rating for normal applications, and a VRBO vibration rating for bridges and overpasses, tested to ANSI 136.31 2018.

Lumenpulse’s industry-leading binning provides a 2-Step MacAdam ellipse and CRI 80+ and 90+ colour consistency options to create a singular and distinct quality of light. The Lumenfacade Pure uses Lumenpulse’s award-winning binning strategy to uphold a uniform lighting aesthetic across entire projects and applications. Solid, definitive, and beautiful. The Lumenfacade Pure is a rationally designed luminaire wherein technology, taste, and ingenuity converge. It is available in three form factors: Continuous Run, Continuous Horizontal, and Standalone.  

More information available about the Pure Product Guide here

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Lumenpulse Announces Launch of Lumenfacade Pure in 2023

Addressing the constantly growing outdoor architectural market, Lumenfacade Pure provides a myriad of unique optics, five standard static white CCTs, mounting options, controls, accessories, and finishes. With four lengths and three outputs available, the new light will be the go-to product for the lighting community, providing a highly engineered lighting solution adaptable to all architectural projects. 

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