Aerolight OledOLED is the next-generation of energy-efficient lighting that generates beautiful, warm, natural light by passing electricity through a thin layer of carbon-based organic dyes.With an incredibly thin profile and no "bulb" to replace, OLED is redefining the possibilities of lighting design.

The aerelight desk lamp provides up to double the illumination of a typical office environment, plenty of light for the most demanding tasks. The touch control is capacitive-based, like your smartphone. Touch anywhere on the anodized aluminum frame for power, and to cycle through the tri-state dimming.

The aerelight desk lamp uses natural materials. The frame of the aerelight desk lamp is crafted from a single piece of anodized aluminum with a brushed finish and natural wood accents.
Wireless charging is a method of using electromagnetic induction to charge the battery of a mobile device without using a cable.Many phones have Qi wireless charging baked right in, and will work with the aerelight lamp out of the box, including the Google Nexus 4/5/6/7, Nokia Lumia 1520/929/928/920, and LG G2 (Verizon).
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