Eaton NeorayEaton’s new Neo-Ray Index light-emitting diode (LED) pendant luminaire from Cooper Lighting features adjustable optical panels and incorporates patented WaveStream LED technology to improve light quality and reduce total power consumption for indoor ambient applications. WaveStream LED technology transforms the LED point source into a highly efficient luminous panel. 

An alternative to linear fluorescent luminaires, the Neo-Ray Index luminaire’s adjustable optical panels, with standard or custom spacing options, can place light exactly where it’s most effective. The product is an ideal solution for university libraries, grocery store aisles, retail stores, classrooms, and as a complete office solution.

The Neo-Ray Index pendant offers efficacy greater than 95 lumens per watt. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-foot individual lengths or continuous runs, the ultra-thin pendant is offered in 3000 Kelvin (K), 3500K and 4000K correlated colour temperatures in high (4,291) and low (3,196) lumen packages. The luminaire is equipped with a zero to 10 volt standard dimming driver, but is available with an integral Fifth Light Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) driver option, integral emergency battery packs, and daylight and/or occupancy sensors.

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