Certified Lighting DesignThe CLD is the culmination of a multi-step, multi-year effort to develop a certification in architectural lighting design. It has been developed in line with the best practices of the credentialing industry. The certification is designed to enhance the legitimacy of the architectural lighting design profession through an independent, standardized process of assessing competency.

The CLD designation confirms the designer has been independently assessed and has met the rigorous criteria that define the proficiency expected of a lead architectural lighting designer.
The CLD offers a number of important and valuable benefits to individual practitioners including:

• global recognition that you have met the only international, evidence-based benchmark of performance in architectural lighting design, confirming your professional ability
• demonstrated creativity, innovation, technical strength, and leadership
• verified proficiency in developing ideas and managing the application of lighting design through a complete range of project phases
• demonstrated expertise that benefited and added value to the client's projects.

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